Woodbury County Ancestry Search

Find Woodbury County IA cemeteries, clerks, courts, historical societies, libraries, marriage license offices and town and city halls for free public records.

Woodbury County Cemetery

Search Woodbury County IA cemeteries as part of a free ancestry search.

Floyd Cemetery 2500 7th Street Sioux IA 51105 712-279-6270

Logan Park Cemetery 3901 Stone Park Boulevard Sioux IA 51103 712-279-6294

Sioux City Calvary Cemetery 2802 Casselman Street Sioux IA 51103 712-233-7511

Sioux City Calvary Cemetery 1821 Jackson Street Sioux IA 51105 712-255-7933

Sioux City Graceland Cemetery 2701 South Lakeport Street Sioux IA 51106 712-279-6269

Sioux City Memorial Park Cemetery 6605 Morningside Avenue Sioux IA 51106 712-276-5043

Woodbury County Clerk Office

Search Woodbury County IA clerk, clerks, county, city, circuit or clerk of court as part of a free ancestry search.

Correctionville Clerk 312 Driftwood Street Correctionville IA 51016 712-372-4791

Lawton City Clerk 101 East Maple Street Lawton IA 51030 712-944-5960

Woodbury County Court

Search Woodbury County IA courts and courthouses as part of a free ancestry search.

Sioux City District Court 620 Douglas Street Sioux IA 51101 712-279-6611

Woodbury County Town & City Hall

Search Woodbury County IA town and city halls as part of a free ancestry search.

Anthon City Hall 301 East Main Street Anthon IA 51004 712-373-5218

Bronson City Hall 90 Pine Street Bronson IA 51007 712-948-3354

Cushing Town Hall 200 Main Street Cushing IA 51018 712-384-2189

Danbury City Hall 207 1st Street Danbury IA 51019 712-883-2431

Hornick City Hall 400 Main Street Hornick IA 51026 712-874-3374

Moville City Hall 21 W Main St Moville IA 51039 712-873-3545

Oto City Hall 27 Washington Street Oto IA 51044 712-827-4522

Pierson City Hall 514 2nd Street Pierson IA 51048 712-375-5015

Salix City Hall 317 Tipton Street Salix IA 51052 712-946-5645

Sergeant Bluff City Hall 401 4th St Sergeant Bluff IA 51054 712-943-4244

Sioux City Hall 405 6th Street Sioux IA 51101 712-279-6109